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PT. Cakrawala Dinamika Energi (PT. CDE), PT. Cereno Energi Selaras  (PT. CES) and PT. Mitra (PT. MPP) are a group of Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA) coal mining company located in Bengkulu, South-West Sumatra, Indonesia. We have a total mining concession rights of 6342 Hectares where PT. CDE has 2000 Hectares, PT. CES has 2342 Hectares and PT. MPP has 2000 Hectares respectively.


PT. CDE commenced its mining operations since 2018 while PT. CES commenced its mining operations in 2019. Our vast experience as a mining contractor during our early years working in both Kalimantan and Bengkulu, have allowed us to manage and operate the coal mines effectively and sustainably.


Both PT. CDE and PT. CES produces mainly the mid-calorific thermal coal of 4600 GAR (ARB) and 4800 GAR (ARB). Low sulphur content of less than 0.25% and Ash Fusion Temperature (AFT) of above 1300 degrees are some of the uniqueness of our coal.


Good working principles and strong customers relationships have allowed us to export our thermal coal to both domestically and the international markets throughout Asia, mainly to countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia.



To be a reputable energy company by providing quality solutions to improve and sustain the world’s growing demand for energy


To provide consistent quality products and services to meet our customers’ expectations, and engaging in energy related business investment for future growth and expansion


People are the key to provide quality products and long-term working relationship among all stakeholders

Commitment towards sustainability and profitability towards all stakeholders

To achieve common goals through honest communication while showing care and concern for each other